An ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

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What is yoga?

Lots of people turn to Yoga for physical benefits like flexibility, muscle building, increasing balance and a workout that can be adapted to be challenging, yet still low-impact and easy on the joints if needed. And when you invest a bit of time and effort into realising these goals, Yoga will deliver.

The process of going through the postures (Asanas) and the breathing exercises (Pranayama) starts to instigate a positive mental transformation as well, and that’s where you can really get hooked.

Numerous studies have found that Yoga can be an effective treatment for issues ranging from anxiety & depression to chronic pain, insomnia, immune conditions, arthritis & even heart & blood pressure problems. Please consult your Doctor before you start any classes if you have any medical conditions.


The classes are run by Sabina Dye from Happy and Well Yoga. Sabina is a Certified Adults and Kids Yoga Teacher, KundaDance & Reiki Level II Practitioner. There are two sessions available each week.

  • Yoga For Men | Tuesdays | 8-9pm
  • Evening Slow Flow Yoga | Wednesdays | 8-9pm

Term time only and excludes public holidays.

Places are limited so please pre-book advance. You can book a block of 5-8 classes for £9 per class or for pay as you go it is £10 per class.

For more information about Yoga sessions at the Chilterns MS Centre, or to book your place, please email

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