Rehabilitation For Post Fracture Or Major Joint Dislocation Or Injury

We can help your recovery from injury following an accident or a routine operation

Wendover Injury Rehabilitation specialist

Helping you recover from the impact of injury or surgery

What is injury rehabilitation?

We can help with hip, shoulder or spinal injury following an accident or a routine operation.
Unexpected injury can impact you in a life-changing way, so much so, that future activity looks totally unachievable. Our aim is to support you through the so-called unachievable. Our specialist therapists will optimise your recovery and where possible return you to your much-loved activities.
But, we will also make you aware of what we feel is realistic and achievable, without giving false hope.
In the past we have successfully treated patients with devastating injuries to go back to living a full life. These have included multiple fractures of the legs and feet from a 30ft fall, life-threatening injuries from a fast road traffic accident and post-operative recovery from a highly complicated joint replacement.
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