Physiotherapy for Spinal Care

Stiffness or pain in your back can have a big impact on your daily life and overall wellbeing

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We can improve your spinal stiffness and pain

Physiotherapy for Spinal Care

From your neck to your coccyx, life’s challenges often impact on your spine; be it from accident or fair wear and tear. Complicated spinal pain can be extremely disabling often with referred pain in your arms and hand or down your leg to your foot.

But help is on hand.  We have extensive experience in dealing with acute to chronic neck or back pain.

Our physiotherapists use a spinal mobiliser to provide multilevel, systematic and routine mobilisation of all the spinal joints. This ensures all of the spine is working to its optimum movement this helping to relieve chronic spinal stiffness.

As part of your treatment you are likely to be given some exercises to do at home to maintain a more natural spinal position and improve flexibility.

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