Neurological Rehabilitation

If you have a neurological condition, had a stroke or brain injury, we can help you improve your mobility and function.
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What is Neurological Rehabilitation?

Neuro rehabilitation is a programme of treatment for people with neurological conditions or brain injuries which can improve function, reduce symptoms and improve your overall wellbeing.
We treat a range of neuro conditions including acquired brain injuries through trauma or disease, and degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s or Motor Neurone Disease (MND).
Following a stroke, bleed to the brain or the removal of a brain tumor, it is possible to recover some or all functions through muscle re-learning. We use specific, progressive and directed techniques to help your recovery.
We also use these techniques to maximise your functions if you have a degenerative condition, helping to minimise pain, improve mobility and cognitive function.
The programme is even more effective when you make lifestyle adjustments at the same time to accommodate the body’s physical and mental abilities. Our multi-discipline team includes physiotherapists, a nutritionist, occupational therapist and exercise therapist to give you a tailored programme to help you achieve your goals and aid your recovery to help you remain as independent as possible.
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Multiple Sclerosis patients should visit for details of their services and membership plan.

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