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All of our treatment programmes and therapies have one aim:  to help you to feel great and live as pain-free as possible.
Neurological Rehabilitation | Oakwood Wellbeing

Whilst many of our services are provided by our own team, some independent practitioners use our facilities to run their own services too.  In cases where we cannot offer you treatment, we may pass details of these practitioners to you instead.

How can we help you?

Acupuncture High Wycombe | Oakwood Wellbeing


Acupuncture is used as a treatment for pain and provides specific relief for neurological conditions. It can be beneficial to those living with constant pain, bladder urgency or those needing regular night visits to the toilet, fatigue, ME or fibromyalgia.

Neuro Rehabilitation | Oakwood Wellbeing

Neuro rehabilitation

We specialise in working with patients with neurological conditions including Parkinson’s or those recovering from a stroke. We can help you to improve your symptoms or help you adapt to make everyday tasks a little bit easier.

COVID 19 Rehabilitation | Oakwood Wellbeing

Covid-19 Rehabilitation

Our online CoRAL course provides support and advice on how to help with breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety to help you return to a full lifestyle and enjoying following Covid-19. Learn to manage your symptoms and improve your overall wellbeing.

Osteoarthritis Management

We provide a holistic care approach to helping you to manage your arthritis, focussing on affordable pain management and achievable improvements in quality of life. Get in touch for support with your arthritis management.

Physiotherapy For Spinal Care High Wycombe | Oakwood Wellbeing

Physio For Spinal Care

We offer individual care for conditions including neck pain, spinal pain including low back pain with sciatica, shoulder pain, hip or knee pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and foot and ankle pain (including orthotics). We're here to help.

Post Injury Rehabilitation | Oakwood Wellbeing

Post Injury Rehabilitation

We can help to improve your recovery time if you have had an injury from a road traffic accident or surgery to replace a knee or hip or mend a fracture..

Shockwave Therapy High Wycombe | Oakwood Wellbeing

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is delivered through short regular appointments. Normally between 3 and 6 sessions are required.

Musculo Skeletal Rehabilitation | Oakwood Wellbeing

Sports Injury

We can identify the cause of your injury through our comprehensive assessment and work out the best treatment to aid your recovery.

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