Improving your wellbeing to lead a full life

Highly experienced and dedicated clinicians

With over 35 years experience, offering specialist treatments for patients with neurologicial, musculoskeletal problems and post surgery rehab.

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A dedicated and friendly team

Over 35 years of experience

At Oakwood Wellbeing, we use over 35 years of experience from our sister company, The Chilterns MS Centre, to offer specialist treatment for patients with neurological conditions, injuries, musculoskeletal problems or post-surgery rehabilitation. Our aim is to improve your symptoms and your overall wellbeing to help you lead a full life.

For those who are struggling with the symptoms of long-term neurological disease or injury as a result of an accident or recovering from surgery, our clinical team is here to help.

Many of us experience aches and pains associated with a busy lifestyle or from overdoing it in a DIY or sports settings. Treatment through the NHS can often be a frustratingly lengthy affair. Help is at hand!

The Centre is fully accessible to people of all abilities, with wide-doors, lifts and hoists to help even the most immobile patients access the treatment they need.

Helping the community

Your treatment helps others too

All profits from Oakwood Wellbeing go directly to the Chilterns MS Centre, an independent charity which provides therapy and support to people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. This is an incurable condition of the nervous system which can affect cognitive function, movement, speech and balance amongst other things. It can have a devastating effect on everyday life and can make people lose their sense of identity and purpose. The charity helps people with the life-long disease to manage their symptoms and reach their goals through physical, practical and emotional support.

They have been providing treatments such as physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, counselling, exercise therapy and hydrotherapy for over 35 years. Their support has a genuine impact on the person, positively changing the quality of their daily life.

The Centre provides its services free to its members. The profits from Oakwood Wellbeing go a long way to helping some of the 1800 people in our area living with MS. For example, every £50 that Oakwood gifts to the Centre could pay for a session of acupuncture for a person with MS, helping them to ease their pain and have a good night’s sleep.

So by choosing Oakwood Wellbeing you know you will receive excellent treatment whilst doing your bit to help people in your area too.

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