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Our Vision & Mission


‘To be a local centre of excellence for the support of Neurological and other complex conditions’


‘Deliver a range of high quality, client focused neurological services that encourage, support and empower people to manage their condition and live fulfilling lives, whilst generating profits to support the Chilterns MS Centre.’

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    Why Oakwood Wellbeing?

    Oakwood Wellbeing is a new name in the field of Health and Fitness in the local area. As part of Chilterns MS Centre, we are able to call upon over 30 years of heritage in providing clinical, health and fitness services. So a decision to come to Oakwood Wellbeing is one that can be made with confidence.

    All profits from Oakwood will go directly to the Chilterns MS Centre where it is based. The Chilterns MS Centre is an independent charity which provides care and support to people in the local community with and affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) and it is with this knowledge that we have developed the services at Oakwood Wellbeing.

    Our experience is not only in treating MS, a complex neurological condition, but also people that have multiple issues as a result of the underlying condition giving us a deeper understanding in the needs of our patients. We work every day on the basis of outcome measures, so we can track the benefits of the treatments we provide. At the core of our services is the desire to empower people to meet their personal health, fitness and wellbeing goals whatever they may be.

    All services run by Oakwood Wellbeing are delivered at the Centre’s state of the art facilities in Wendover. We match the high services standards, excellent reputation and follow relevant governance structure of the Chilterns MS Centre. Although we are based in Wendover, Buckinghamshire we work across community, County and Council borders; if you can travel to us then you can access our services.

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