Gather round! There is a new place in town for you to explore and have some quality time on your own or with your friends and family! Bring your kids, friends, relatives and let’s draw, paint, chat and get totally absorbed in art! Art without borders, judgement or prejudice! Just you and art!

Feels like the last couple of years have been tough on all of us and the sense of community and togetherness has evaporated into thin air with lots of people being left isolated, frightened and lonely. Here’s where we come in with Evening ARTea pARTy with Fiona McMillan at the Chilterns MS Centre! We provide a safe and friendly environment for all ages to come together and do something creative and fun!

Collection of paint bottles and coloured pencils.

My name is Sabina Dye and I live in Wendover. I am a Mum and a Yoga Teacher and I care about the world we live in. With the events that happened to us recently and continue to happen, we realise more and more how interconnected we all are and how important it is to be loved and cared for and to be and feel part of the community and part of the world. We are all important pieces of a large picture called our world! And it is us who create this world with our thoughts, feelings and actions. I believe that if we can make small changes to the immediate micro-worlds we live in, then the whole bigger picture will start brightening up! This is where our Arty Party comes in!

Last December I was invited to my friend Fiona’s Kitchen Studio. She is a very talented artist who also teaches art at school. She was also the only ‘professional’ at the table. The rest of us were Explorers and amateurs! And we were very happy to be the ‘unprofessional’ and the ‘uninitiated’ in the realms of art! We became kids!

There were three of us enjoying a fantastic time just playing with different types of painting mediums exploring watercolours, acrylics, guash, inks, charcoal and an amazing magical Brusho dry ink that totally brought out a kid in me with its bursting colours and an unusual way of application! I was sold! As the three of us were painting and chatting in between nibbles and cups of tea, the atmosphere was that of connection and calm, meditation and mindfulness, concentration and content.

For those of you, keen to explore art with our artist Fiona McMillan Evening ARTea pARTy will be taking place at the Chilterns MS Centre every third Thursday of the month, starting from September with two introductory sessions taking place on Thursday 9 June and Thursday 7 July from 7-9pm.

We invite you to explore and to dive into the unlimited world of creativity and art with Arty Party!
Call, email and have a look at our website to find out more about us but, more importantly, come and see us and let’s do some art!

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